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Supporting Earthquake Victims in Turkey & Syria (Phase 1)

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Supporting Earthquake Victims in Turkey & Syria North


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February 27, 2023






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A magnitude 7.7 earthquake struck Turkey's western province of Izmir today, causing widespread damage and leaving at least 912 people dead in Turkey, 500 dead in Syria and over 6000 injured. The earthquake caused buildings to collapse and rubble to fill the streets, making rescue efforts difficult. Emergency services are working to reach those trapped and provide medical assistance to the injured. The death toll is expected to rise as search and rescue operations continue. Our thoughts are with the families of those affected and we hope for a swift and effective response from the authorities.


More than 40 aftershocks have been felt since the earthquake struck at 4:17am. Many people are still trapped under the rubble and the rescue operations could be hampered by bad weather as it is snowing and very cold.

Every donation will help make a difference. We will provide Water, food, shelter and medical supplies

The earthquake was so strong that millions of people across Turkiye, Syria, Lebanon and Cyprus felt it. The epicentre was near the Turkish city of Gaziantep.

Campaign Objectives: 

  • Providing Medical aid 
  • Providing Food and colthes for homeless

We as Benih Amal are raising funds to help our brothers and sisters who have been affected by this earthquake. Please donate generously in these hard times.



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