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About Benih Amal

Our Organization

We were established in July 2020. We are an NGO operating non-profit business. We are NGO that help the less forehead, the refugees, orphans and so on.

Benih Amal aspired to be an establishment that helps transform the world into a better and harmonious place. We set up this organisation is because we do not want the plight of the less fortunate to be idle alone and we want to help in changing the plight of their lives. We believe that these groups of people are also entitled to enjoy a better and comfortable life-like everyone else.

Our Mission

We strive to improve human responsibility among human beings through cooperation with people and organisational bodies that carry out operations in humanitarian work by providing the necessary resources to meet the needs in developing sustainable community development.

Our Vision

To be a leading foundation in the world in building a society atmosphere that relies on each other and creating a safe and reliable digital platform.

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