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Smile Basket with Taleeb (Ramadan Packs for Palestine)

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Smile Basket with Taleeb
(Ramadan Packs for Palestine)


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April 30, 2022






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Campaign Background:


During the last Ramadan, when the children of the Nation of Islam were preparing lists to buy clothes and Eid necessities, the children of Palestine in Gaza were suffering in silence. The Zionist siege had exhausted their families, and they could not provide them with food and clothing, in addition to the bombing that destroyed many homes, leaving many families homeless. The people of Gaza have been in this bloody conflict and this tragedy for decades, and they have no helper but God. They are between a martyr, a prisoner, and the wounded, and all this with a severe shortage of basic needs of food and clothing. 




Benih amal Charity Foundation in Malaysia is a non-profit organization that aims to care for needy people everywhere in corporation with (Brother Taleeb) to provide Food aid during Ramadan month. 


How can you help?


You can help by donating to the people of Gaza in providing food by contributing to the purchase of a food basket whose price is 100 RM. 


Food Basket including:


1.   Cooking Oil (1 X 2.5kg)

2. Rice   (2 X 2.5kg)

3.   Sugar (4 X 4kg)

4. Lima   Bean (2 X 700g)

5.   Canned Beef (3 X 750g)

6.   Lentil (2 X 500g)

7.   Cheese (1 X 500g)

8. Tea   (1 X 500g)


                            !!May Allah Accept From You!!


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