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Fitting Artificial Eyes for the Wounded (Palestine)

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Fitting Artificial Eyes for the Wounded (Palestine)


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May 30, 2023






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The project background:


When we look at a person in the eyes, we look inside him\her, no one can imagine him/herself one day without sight or losing an eye. But there are many like them in the Gaza Strip, and there are many casualties of the wounded who lost their eyes.

The consequences experienced by every patient and injured person who lost one of his/ eyes against his/her will and completed his/her life with one eye in response to a harsh financial situation and a 15-year siege that prevents him/her from traveling to be treated to restore his/her face or one eye, even if it was artificial.


Because of the great psychological suffering experienced by those who lost their eyes Especially after the last war on the Gaza Strip (May 2021), which resulted in approximately 280 martyrs and 2000 wounded, and which destroyed stones and trees. In addition to destroying the homes of innocent citizens there are many injuries were wounded who lost an eye. A special section for artificial eye implants has been established at Al-Radwan Medical Charitable Center affiliated with the association. There are a huge number of injured people on the waiting list, and they need to have an artificial eye fitted the place of the eye that was lost. 


Project Objectives:


The overall goal of the project:

Contribute to improving the psychological state of the injured who lost their eyes in the May 2021 war and previous wars. 

Special Objectives of the Project:

Cultivation of artificial eyes for (15) wounded from the last war (May 2021) and previous wars.

Improving the psychological state of the injured and facilitating their integration into society.

Relieve the patient from the suffering of travel and reduce the costs of treatment abroad.

Saving effort and money on behalf of the wounded in the last war in the Gaza Strip (May 2021) and the wounded previous wars




How to help:


The association seeks to serve them through the Radwan Medical Center to assist them in implanting the artificial eye, as the cost of the artificial eye is (900$). Therefore, we propose this project to you, hoping to contribute to bearing the costs of artificial eyes for its cultivation for the number (15) wounded (8 of the last aggression in May 2021 and 7 of the previous wars) with total cost (13,700).

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