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Distributing Ramadan Meals For Orphans in Nigeria

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Distributing Ramadan Meals For Orphans in Nigeria


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April 8, 2024






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"Orphaned children in Nigeria face numerous challenges every day, but for Muslim orphans, the holy month of Ramadan adds an extra layer of hardship. Without a family to break bread with, these children often go without a proper meal during the day, facing hunger and malnutrition. The struggle is even more profound for those who are also struggling with poverty, health issues, or lack of access to basic necessities.


But despite these challenges, the resilience and spirit of these children is inspiring. They continue to find joy and hope in the face of adversity. This Ramadan, let's come together to support these Muslim orphans in Nigeria and bring a smile to their faces by providing them with a warm and nutritious meal."


"Breaking Bread, Touching Hearts: A Ramadan Meal Drive for Orphans in Nigeria


Ramadan is a time of reflection, generosity, and unity. This year, let's make a difference in the lives of orphaned children in Nigeria by providing them with a warm and nutritious meal during the holy month.


For too many children, Ramadan is a time of hunger and uncertainty. But with your support, we can ensure that every orphan in Nigeria has a meal to break their fast, nourish their bodies, and bring a smile to their faces.


Join us in our efforts to distribute Ramadan meals to orphaned children in Nigeria. Your donation, no matter the size, will go a long way in making a positive impact on their lives. Benih Amal aims to provide the Ramadan meals for Al-Fajr orphans organization in Nigeria. 


Al – Fajr Background:


Al-Fajr Charity Foundation in Nigeria is a non-profit organization that aims to care for orphans, memorize and spread the Holy Quran, care for orphans, and provide health care and food for needy Muslims.


Project objectives:

  1. Providing the daily Ramadan Iftar meals for the orphans during the holy month
  2. Spreading the happiness among the orphans and giving the essentials for them 


The cost for one food basket is RM200


Together, let's show these children the kindness and compassion that Ramadan embodies. Let's break bread and touch hearts. Donate today.


#BreakingBreadTouchingHearts #RamadanMealsForOrphans #Nigeria"

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