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3250 children are injured In Gaza & Need Your Support

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3250 children are injured in Gaza


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February 28, 2024






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🌟 **Campaign: Support Palestine's Kids for Medical Aid and Necessities** 🌟


📢 **The Children of Gaza Need Your Help!** 📢


🔥 Since October 7th of this year, Gaza's innocent children have been facing a devastating crisis. According to the Geneva - Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor, the Israeli army is crushing the innocence of Gaza's children, killing an average of 100 of them daily in a ruthless military offensive.


The Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip has turned a large part of the besieged Palestinian enclave into a pile of rubble, with people in desperate need of water and other basic necessities amid a total blockade of the enclave.


People have been forced to dig wells near the sea to fetch water as Gaza – home to 2.3 million people – is facing a shortage of water as well as food. Generators are powering hospitals after Israel cut electricity.


💔 Euro-Med Monitor has documented the heart-wrenching statistics:
- 🕊️ **1046 Palestinian children have lost their lives.**
- 🏚️ **167 more remain buried under the rubble, awaiting rescue.**
- 💔 **3250 children are injured**, with at least 1240 needing specialized medical care.
- 😢 These children endure pain, loss, and the dominance of wounds due to Israel's intense attacks on residential areas and civilian facilities.


But, together, we can make a difference!



🤝 *How You Can Help:*



1. **Donate for Medical Aid:** Your contributions will provide immediate medical assistance to injured children, ensuring they receive the care they desperately need.


2. **Raise Awareness:** Share this campaign on social media, with friends, and within your community to increase awareness and support for the cause.


🙌 *Let's Come Together for a Brighter Tomorrow!*


The suffering of Gaza's children cannot continue. Help us bring hope, healing, and relief to these innocent souls.


🌍 *Stand for Peace and Humanity* 🌍


#SupportGazaKids #ChildrenDeservePeace #HealGazaChildren #StandForPeace 🕊️

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