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Waqaf for Build School Physics Lab

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Waqaf for Build School Physics Lab


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December 29, 2023






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Short Description: 

AIS works to develop students' skills in sciences and the formation of a new generation that keeps up with scientific and technological development in different fields. So the students need the practical application of physics experiments, which is essential to receiving theoretical sciences. Hence the importance of providing a physic lab in the school to teach students to use tools and optimal use of the lab.


Campaign Amount: 221,508 RM.

Why this Campaign is very important?

Given the daily need to use tools and devices to apply theoretical sciences and experiments that students receive in physics lessons, it's a necessity to build a physics laboratory and provide it with the necessary materials and tools. With this campaign, students will learn effectively and will increase their enjoyment of learning and development.

About AIS (Al Aqsa Integrated School):

AIS is an independent non-profit organization founded in Kuala Lampur in 2018, which aims to provide students the opportunity to become knowledgeable youth with high proficiency in language, religion, and culture. Not just to the Palestinians in Malaysia but also to those from other communities here who struggle to find affordable schools providing quality education for their children. So we do our best to accommodate students from all walks of life. We also provide education for less fortunate students and those who are unable to register in other local institutions.

The project targets the following goals: 

⦁ Improve students’ abilities to use devices and tools.
⦁ Discover students’ talents and support creative thinking.
⦁ Increase efficiency of education in the school and link theoretical sciences with practical knowledge.
⦁ Form a generation that can keep pace with the rapid technological development.
⦁ Clarify scientific concepts for students and translate theories and laws into practical reality to consolidate them in their minds.
⦁ Serve more than 75 students who study Science and Engineering.


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