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Urgent Food Essential For Needy Muslims & Homeless

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Support us to provide daily meal for needy Muslims.


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May 2, 2022






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- According to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, about 71 million Muslims around the world are unable to provide the cost of daily meal.




Extending from our project in Ramadan, we from Benih Amal (NGO) adopt a five-dollar campaign to provide free meals for the needy as we see how COVID-19 affects many needy families and individuals who are unable to have a proper meal. In Ramadan, we have supported around 200 needy Muslim families daily and we would love to invite you to join us in this campaign as we extend the project beyond Ramadan. We believe providing free meals should not be limited only in Ramadan.


The cost per individual is $5 to cater 2 complete meals daily. 


Who We Are:


Benih Amal Relief Foundation is a registered charity based in Malaysia which aims to provide relief to the needy, based on first-hand knowledge of the beneficiaries’ conditions and needs. We currently support the Ummah in many countries through various projects such as monthly financial aid, food distribution, medical help, educational projects, building orphanages and Islamic schools, installing water well and desalination plants, providing income-generating projects, orphans sponsorship widows support, poor girls marriage, settlement of debts of the most needy, Qurbanis and sacrifices etc.



Benih Amal helps the less fortunate, the refugees, orphans, and so on. In addition, aspired to be an organization that helps transform the world into a better and harmonious place. We set up this organization because we want to help in changing the plight of the less fortunate. We believe that these groups of people are also entitled to enjoy a better and comfortable life-like everyone else.

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