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Support building a UQLA institute for memorizing the Holy Quran

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Support building a UQLA institute for memorizing the Holy Quran


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December 31, 2021






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Religious education has gained a lot in the eyes of Malaysians in recent times, especially parents or guardians who have children under their care. In preparation for end-time challenges, the religious sciences are the strongest bulwark and most immune shield. That is why the younger generation today needs to adopt these sciences in order to contribute to spreading the true Islamic religion.

Based on this, many religious institutions began providing Quran memorization services from the age of 13 and above. Therefore, we want to start a new step, which is building a school called "Brothers Academy for the Qur'anic Language" to train students to memorize 30 parts of the Qur'an at the elementary level and also to increase students' interest in deepening their basic language skills. It is Arabic and English.

Knowledge of the Arabic language is an essential key for every student to understand religious sciences, therefore we will do our best to ensure that every student understands well the basic methods of the Arabic language to be applied in the Qur’an and religious texts. Moreover, we will also provide basic foreign language lessons to learn like Mandarin, French, etc. If students can follow all of the guidelines we have put together, it is not surprising that we can produce students who are able to master more than three languages in the future.


To produce more quality huffaz students in taking care of kalamullah in all times and also be able to master the core language skills of Arabic and English as well as understand the contents of the Al-Quran memorized.


To spread awareness and a sense of responsibility for students on the importance of memorizing the Qur'an and understanding its contents in making it a fortress of self-strength from all forms of unhealthy elements.


  1. To produce students who are able to master the memorization of the Al-Quran and understand the teachings outlined by the Al-Quran and As-Sunnah.

  2. To train students in understanding the basic uses of Arabic learned and able to speak it in daily life.

  3. To build a strong student identity through scholarly activities and also be able to train certain skills to students.


  1. Students must undergo a period of study for 6 YEARS.

  2. Admission of students aged 7 Years to 10 Years only (for the first year of UQLA opening) for syllabus uniformity for each student.

  3. Students need to participate in Halaqatul Mubtadi '(Quran Quran smooth reading program), minimum 1 year maximum 2 years. Students who have read the Quran fluently will continue to join Halaqatul Mumtaz.

  4. UQLA graduates can memorize 30 juzu 'al Quran after graduation.

  5. UQLA will use the KPM syllabus (KPM textbook) because the standard syllabus in Malaysia will facilitate public examination for students as well as the textbook for the existing R & D sessions.

  6. The subjects to be studied by students are the subjects of basic and foremost: Bahasa Melayu, English, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Mathematics and Science (selected topics only).

  7. The main reference of the syllabus: Curriculum and Assessment Standard Documents. This document is complete enough to be the KPM syllabus guidelines. This document contains: curriculum objectives, curriculum content, teaching and learning strategies, and curriculum KPIs.

  8. PRIMARY CURRICULUM: Malay, English, Arabic (hearing, speaking, reading, writing). SECONDARY CURRICULUM: Islamic Edu, Maths, Sciences (theory and application). (in class academic & fun learning).

  9. Future: various learning method (example: Montessori, The Feynman Technique, etc) to make UQLA the most wanted Tahfiz school).


In short, we from Ukhuwah Tadrib Enterprise hope that this paper receives attention and consideration from you so that humanitarian development programs like this can be implemented for the benefit of the ummah and future generations. Attention and cooperation from our master first with the words "Thank You".

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