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Share Your Qurbani: Bringing Hope to the Needy in Indonesia

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Share Your Qurbani: Bringing Hope to the Needy in Indonesia


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June 24, 2023






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Qurbani, a divine commandment mentioned in the Qur'an, holds immense significance during the joyous occasion of Eid al-Adha. Allah states in QS Al Kautsar verse 1-2, "Indeed, We have granted you abundance. So establish prayer for your Lord and sacrifice."


In a matter of weeks, Muslims worldwide will gather to celebrate Eid al-Adha—a time to reflect upon the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) when he was entrusted with the task of sacrificing his own son. While embarking on the blessed Hajj pilgrimage is a cherished endeavor during this month of Dhul Hijjah, those unable to partake in it can engage in a profound act of worship through Qurbani/Udhiyyah—the sacrificial offering of an animal in the name of God.


Narrated by Tirmidhi, it is said that, "For every hair of the Qurbani, you will receive a reward."


Join us in spreading the joy of Eid al-Adha by extending the gift of Qurbani to the most vulnerable communities in Indonesia. Countless families across the country face tremendous hardships, struggling to meet their daily needs, let alone afford Qurbani meat for this auspicious occasion. The recipients of your Qurbani may include orphans, widows, the elderly, individuals with disabilities, the sick, and the impoverished, especially those residing in remote regions of Indonesia. Our focus is primarily on selecting beneficiaries from underprivileged backgrounds and those affected by natural disasters.


Allow us to share a heartwarming story from East Seram, where a village that rarely experienced the joy of Qurbani due to financial constraints resorted to celebrating with the humble sacrifice of chickens. The village head initiated this gesture to bring life to the spirit of Qurbani on Eid al-Adha. Your Qurbani contributions will also have a profound impact on numerous converts in inland areas who are unable to savor the taste of Qurbani meat during this special occasion.


Your generosity and participation will bring solace, nourishment, and a sense of unity to those in need. Let us unite in the spirit of Qurbani and make Eid al-Adha a truly memorable and transformative experience for our fellow Indonesians. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of those who long for the blessings of Qurbani.




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