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Providing Food and Clothing for Needy Muslim Families (Gombak)

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Food & Clothing for Struggling Muslim Families Campaign


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August 30, 2023






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🤝 Uniting for Progress and Empowerment in Gombak and Beyond 


🤝 Objective: 

Our mission is to extend essential assistance to struggling Muslim families in Gombak and various locations in Kuala Lumpur, empowering refugees toward financial stability and brighter futures.


🙏 Impacting Lives, One Family at a Time 🙏 In the spirit of unity and empathy, we launch the "Support for Needy Muslim Families" campaign. This initiative is designed to alleviate the challenges faced by vulnerable families in Gombak and other areas within Kuala Lumpur. Our focus extends beyond immediate relief, fostering enduring change that builds financial strength and resilience.


How You Can Contribute: 

1-Provide Essential Food Aid: Each family will receive a thoughtfully assembled food package, ensuring access to sustenance during these challenging times. A generous donation of RM 160 per family will provide vital support. 

2-Assist Families with Clothing: Many families lack adequate clothing to brave the cold weather. By donating RM 400 per family, you can help provide warm clothing, ensuring their comfort. Empower Refugees for Economic Stability: Our initiative also seeks to support refugees in achieving financial security. We strive to offer education, vocational training, and microfinance opportunities for sustainable livelihoods.


Together, We Can Make a Difference


Your contributions, regardless of size, will significantly impact struggling Muslim families and refugees in Gombak and across Kuala Lumpur. Our goal is to spark hope and bring joy, not only addressing immediate needs but also uplifting and enabling them toward a more promising future.


💡 Illuminate with Hope, Donate Today! 💡 Your participation will create waves of positive transformation, touching the lives of those in need. Join us in this noble endeavor and let's collectively drive change.


Spread the Message!

We express gratitude for your role in revolutionizing lives and effecting enduring progress. Your benevolence shines as a guiding light for those in need. Together, we construct a more resilient and compassionate community for all.


🙏 May your kindness be repaid manifold, and your empathy multiplied! 🙏

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