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Giving Zakat

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Giving Zakat


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November 23, 2023






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In the Bani Amal organization, we created this campaign to include the collection of zakat funds and their disbursement in the ways designated for them, which are:  


1- The poor: He is someone who does not own anything at all, or finds a small amount of money or earning that does not fall into his sufficiency.


2- Al-Miskeen: He is the one who is able to obtain money or earn a position that falls within his sufficiency, but it is not sufficient for him.


3- Those who work on Zakat: They are the collectors of it, with detailed conditions in the books of jurisprudence.


4- Their hearts are to be reconciled: This is based on a difference of opinion among the jurists regarding the continuation or discontinuation of their share.


5- On the necks: This ruling has gone away from the shop, since slavery was abolished in the International Convention for the Emancipation of Slavery (Berlin, approximately 1860 AD).


6- The debtors: They are those whose debts are due, and they do not have the ability to pay it off.


7- For the sake of God: they are the invaders in the way of God, and the Hanbalis permitted in the narration to pay zakat to the pilgrims and the elderly from this bank.


8- Ibn al-Sabeel: He is a stranger from his homeland, who has nothing in his hand to take him back to his country.

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