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Feed Muslims in South Africa (Iftar Meals)

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Feed Muslims in South Africa (Iftar Meals)


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May 1, 2022






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Muslims make up about 3% of South Africa's population of nearly 60 million.

Help us Feed 1000 needy Muslims in South Africa and provide them with Hot meals for Iftar and food baskets for the month of Ramadan 


Campaign Background: 

Through its network of 80 Mosques and Islamic Centres, in South and Southern Africa, Benih Amal serviced thousands of Muslims in South Africa. During this sacred and holy month of Ramadan, we provide meals, distribute food hampers, and disburse Zakaat-ul-Fitr to the needy.

Most of the Muslims in south Africa needs help to get Iftar & Sahour meals during Ramadan special those doesn’t have the financial ability.


Campaign objective:


To provide nutritious meals and food hampers to the disadvantaged rural communities during the holy month of Ramadan.


1- 1 Meal costs RM15.

2- 5 Meals for the whole family of 5 adults with 3 kids RM75/day.


Take this Ramadan as an opportunity to maximize your good deeds by helping others, especially the ones who are in dire need.


How can you help?


You can help by donating to the people of south Africa in providing food by contributing to the purchase of a 1000 Iftar Meals whose price is 15 RM per meal. 




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