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Eidul - Adha Food packs for needy Muslims & Gifts

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Eidul - Adha meals for needy Muslims around the world (Rm 40)


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June 26, 2023






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Introduction: As the approaching blessed occasion of Eidul-Adha reminds us of the importance of sharing and caring for those who are less fortunate, we have launched a global campaign with the aim of providing nourishing meals to needy Muslims worldwide. With your generous contribution of only Rm 40, we can make a significant difference and bring happiness to the lives of countless individuals and families.


Campaign Objective: Our primary objective with the Eidul-Adha Meals for Needy Muslims campaign is to ensure that every underprivileged Muslim has the opportunity to enjoy a delicious and fulfilling meal during this sacred time. Through partnerships with local charities and organizations in various countries, we strive to distribute food packages to those who are most in need, allowing them to experience the joy and spirit of Eidul-Adha.


Budget Allocation: The allocated budget covers operational expenses and team fees, while also providing financial support to needy Muslims and helping to pay off their debts.


Why Rm 40 Matters: Although Rm 40 may appear as a small amount, when combined with the collective contributions of compassionate individuals like yourself, it can create a significant impact. This modest donation can cover the cost of a wholesome meal for a hungry person, ensuring that they can celebrate Eidul-Adha with dignity and joy. By donating Rm 40, you hold the power to make a real difference in someone's life.


Utilization of Your Contribution: Your Rm 40 contribution will be utilized to purchase essential food items and prepare meal packages for distribution. We will collaborate with local charitable organizations to ensure that the meals reach the most vulnerable communities, including low-income families, orphanages, and refugee camps. These packages will consist of culturally appropriate, nutritious food items, allowing everyone to partake in the joy of Eidul-Adha.


Join Us: We cordially invite you to become a part of this noble cause and extend your hand of generosity to those in need. By donating just Rm 40, you can help us bring smiles to the faces of countless individuals and families this Eidul-Adha. Together, we can make a difference and embody the true spirit of unity and compassion that this festive season represents.


Donation Process: To donate Rm 40 to the Eidul-Adha Meals for Needy Muslims campaign, simply visit our secure online donation platform at [website]. There, you can conveniently and safely make your contribution. We also accept donations through bank transfers and other convenient methods, as listed on our website. Every contribution, regardless of the amount, is greatly appreciated and will go a long way in bringing happiness to those less fortunate.


Conclusion: Eidul-Adha is a time of celebration, gratitude, and compassion. Let us embrace the true essence of this blessed occasion by reaching out to those in need and sharing the blessings we have received. Your generous donation of Rm 40 will provide nourishing meals to needy Muslims around the world, ensuring that they too can experience the joy of Eidul-Adha. Join us in making a positive impact and spreading happiness this festive season.



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