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Eid Clothes For Orphans In Gaza (Palestine)

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Eid Clothes For Orphans In Gaza (Palestine)


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April 9, 2024






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Benih Amal With Seven Spikes Plans To Celebrate The Spirit Of Giving During Ramadan


Through an Eid Clothes Campaign we at Benih Amal plan to provide a special assistance for 350 orphans and children who have been missing their fathers for years because of the arresting in Gaza. All those children we are targeting to help are coming from poor families and impoverished backgrounds (sons and daughter of laborers, farmers, domestic helpers) those who do not have a stable or fixed income to spend for the daily expenses.


Why Should We Support Our Palestinian Brothers?


Not only because of the bad economic conditions but it is that these people stand alone against the Zionist occupation that keep stealing their rights every day while they preserve the Islamic identity of Palestine in which the Al-Aqsa Mosque is the first Qiplah for Muslims.


Because Of The Siege And Covid-19, The Limited Of Sources In Gaza Effects On Parent’s Income And Made Them Helpless. 


Families of many children are unable to buy new clothes for children during Eid. In addition, now you can imagine with Covid-19 epidemic the situation is increasing in double suffering and with too much difficulty where most people lost their own income sources as their main concern now is to get the essential items of food and health care in order to survive hunger. The war in Gaza effects is much sever  on children,  it takes away the smiles from their faces. therefor, we aim to provide some assistance to our children of our brothers and sisters in Gaza and retrieve back their smiles by distributing the new clothes  for the occasion of Eid which will have a positive impact on them and bring happiness and joyful in to their life during Eid.


How You Can Help!?


Benih Amal aims to provide Eid clothes for up to 350 children. Your donation will help Benih Amal provide a new Eid clothes. With only RM 100 you can make a child smile and become happy during Eid, may Allah bless you. Our target is to provide clothes for 350 children With that, we need to raise  RM 35,000. This kind of support will help spread 350 smiles in Gaza and prove to the underprivileged who are often neglected that the world where we live in is full of caring people. Benih Amal believes that when we act together, we can change the world for the better.


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