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Help a Refugee Families Spend a Better Eid

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Help a Refugee Families Spend a Better Eid


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June 12, 2023






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This Eid, let us join hands as a community and extend our support to refugee families who are facing immense challenges and hardships. For these families, the joyous occasion of Eid can often be overshadowed by the daily struggles they endure. Together, through our campaign, we can make a meaningful difference in their lives and ensure they have a better Eid filled with happiness, love, and hope.


Campaign Overview:

Our campaign aims to raise funds and gather essential resources to assist refugee families during the Eid season. By providing them with vital necessities, we can alleviate their financial burdens and enable them to celebrate Eid with dignity and joy. Your contributions will help create an inclusive and compassionate community that embraces and uplifts those in need.



  1. Raise awareness about the challenges faced by refugee families during Eid.
  2. Collect financial donations to assist with essential needs and expenses.
  3. Gather food, clothing, and gift items to bring joy and celebration to refugee families.
  4. Support refugees in paying their debts.


Ways to Get Involved:

Donate Financially: Every donation, regardless of size, makes a difference. You can contribute directly through our campaign website or designated donation centers.


Collect Essential Items: Organize a collection drive in your community, workplace, or place of worship to gather food, clothing, toys, and other necessary items. Reach out to local businesses for their support in donating essential items or providing discounts on bulk purchases.


Impact and Results:

With your support, we aim to provide refugee families with:

  1. Essential food supplies to prepare special Eid meals.
  2. Clothing and personal hygiene items to ensure a dignified celebration.
  3. Gifts and toys for children, bringing smiles and joy to their faces.
  4. Access to recreational activities and community events, promoting a sense of belonging.
  5. Support for refugees to pay their debts.


Together, we can transform the lives of refugee families and help them experience the warmth and happiness that Eid brings. Let us unite as a compassionate community, standing in solidarity with those in need and making a lasting impact on their lives.

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