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Eid Gift: Donate to Support Refugees, Feed the Needy, Gift the Orphans

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Last Days Before Arafaa: Donate to Support Refugees, Feed the Needy, Gift the Orphans


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June 30, 2023






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As the auspicious occasion of Eid approaches, let us come together and make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. This year, we have the opportunity to bring smiles to the faces of orphans, needy Muslims, and refugees through a campaign that aims to provide them with disturbing Eid gifts. Join us in spreading joy and love during this blessed time.


Campaign Overview: Our campaign focuses on reaching out to orphans, needy Muslims, and refugees, who often lack the resources to celebrate Eid with the same fervor as others. By organizing a series of initiatives, we can make this Eid truly special for them and create unforgettable memories.



  1. Provide a sense of belonging and inclusivity to orphans, needy Muslims, and refugees.
  2. Spread happiness and joy by offering disturbing Eid gifts that exceed their expectations.
  3. Strengthen community bonds by involving individuals, organizations, and businesses in the act of giving.



Donation Drives:

  • Encourage individuals to donate new or gently used clothes, toys, books, and other essentials.
  • Collaborate with local businesses, schools, and community centers to set up collection points.
  • Organize a dedicated team to sort, package, and distribute the donations.

Eid Hampers:

  • Prepare special Eid hampers filled with essential food items, toiletries, and festive treats.
  • Seek partnerships with local supermarkets and sponsors to secure discounted or donated items.
  • Distribute the hampers to orphanages, refugee camps, and underprivileged communities.

Surprise Gift Boxes:

  • Engage volunteers to create personalized surprise gift boxes for children and families.
  • Each box may include toys, games, clothing, educational materials, and handwritten messages.
  • Deliver the gift boxes directly to the recipients, ensuring a personal touch.


Call to Action: Join us in making a difference this Eid by becoming a part of this heartwarming campaign. Your contributions, whether big or small, can have a lasting impact on the lives of orphans, needy Muslims, and refugees. Together, let us create a festive season that they will cherish and remember forever.

Remember, the spirit of Eid lies in sharing and caring. Let's celebrate this Eid by bringing happiness and spreading love to those who need it most.

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