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🚨Support Morocco Earthquake Relief 🇲🇦

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October 30, 2023






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🌍 **Support Morocco Earthquake Relief** 🌍


We are reaching out to you today with an urgent appeal for assistance following the devastating earthquake that struck Morocco. This catastrophic event has left countless families in distress, and your help is crucial in this time of need.


📰 According to CNN, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake has shaken Morocco, causing widespread destruction and displacing many.

**Your Donation Can Make a Difference:**

🏥 **Medical Aid** Rm100: Your generous contributions will provide essential medical aid to those injured during this disaster, ensuring they receive the care they urgently require.


🍞 **Food Packs**Rm40: We aim to distribute food packs to the homeless and those who have lost access to food due to this catastrophe. Your support will help keep their hunger at bay.


👚 **Clothes for the Needy**Rm75: With your donations, we will provide warm clothing to those affected by the earthquake, offering comfort and protection from the elements.


In this time of crisis, let us remember the profound words of the Quran:


**"Whoever gives to Allah a good loan, He will multiply it for him and he will have a noble reward."** (Quran, 57:11)


Your donation, your **Sadaqqah**, will not only help the people of Morocco but will also bring you a noble reward from Allah. Every contribution, no matter how big or small, will make a significant impact.


Please donate generously to support the earthquake relief efforts in Morocco. Together, we can provide hope and relief to those in need.


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